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Director Dawn Shadforth on Polyna "Angel"

Polyna - Angel (Club Mix Edit)

Siberian newcomer 'Polyna' gets the Dawn Shadforth treatment, with this spectacular display of visuals. A mixture of back projections, in camera effects and Aaron Sillis designed choreography.

"I met Polyna and immediately knew I had to work with her.  She has a certain something and she’s really unusual, magnetic, smart and warm and obviously talented.   I knew she’d be a great performer someone with who I could collaborate.   With her background in classical music and musical theatre she mixed her unique influences into pop music and it felt fresh and exciting to me.  The song is based on the book The Little Prince, we decided not to retell that story but to create characters for Polyna inspired by the tale and also the lyrics.  Polyna attracted really talented collaborators including; Anna Trevellyans warrior princess / cosmic S&M styling, Aaron Sillis choreography, Robbie Ryan’s photography and Mark Connell’s production design creating the “Frozen" Siberian wastes with just paint, projections and a touch of smoke.  We worked with the post house Coffee & TV up front for a week on the projections manipulating the stock footage to match the choreography. - Dawn Shadforth, dir.

Production Company
Independent Representative
Director of Photography
Editing Company
Mark Connell, Production Designer
Anna Trevelyan, Stylist
Truss @ Coffee & TV, Post-production
Simone Grattarola, Telecine Colorist
Aaron Sillis, Choreographer

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