"Black Lake" Video Previews Björk MoMA Retrospective

Björk "Black Lake" - Trailer

Who needs Swan Lake when we're about to get Black Lake?

Björk officially enters the realm of fine art — even though any music video fan already considers her atop the "music video as art" food chain — with a forthcoming retrospective at NYC's prestigous MOMA, and this video to commemorate the occasion.

Based on the preview, we're in for another doozy courtesy of director Andrew Thomas Huang, who previously worked with Bjork on the "Mutual Core" video.

The whole thing will premiere as a sound/video installation at MOMA, when the Björk retrospective opens March 8 and runs through June 7. Visitors will also be able to experience a cinema room showcasing all her videos, plus various instruments and art pieces from her discography, including the robots from her "All Is Full Of Love" video and, of course, the legendary Swan Dress.