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Dornik "Drive" (Sam Pilling, dir.)

Dornik - Drive / Stand In Your Line

Sam Pilling, director: " wanted the visuals to juxtapose the song so decided to set the video at night and to film it in quite a raw, off the cuff way, rather than a more obvious, smooth approach. Dornik wanted the video to be about having fun, good vibes and a sense of release so we constructed a story that had those upbeat elements but also had a slightly darker undertone too. I liked the idea that when you’re a teenager emotions and feelings can fluctuate very quickly and that the smallest or silliest of situations can feel very important to you.

I had a lot of fun working with the young actors, Simona Zivkovska, Jerome Holder, Youssef Berouain and Laya Lewis  It was important to me that our young couple and their friends had believable and engaging chemistry together and this was something we worked hard on in pre-production and on the shoot."

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Florent Pinzuti, Art Director

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