Pat Scola

The Weeknd "Tell Your Friends" (Grant Singer, dir.)

My biblical game isn't strong enought to tell you whether a burning bush is a good or a bad omen, but I know for a fact that one doesn't carry a shovel through a deserted field in order to build a sand castle. Bad shit is definitely afoot in this latest video from The Weeknd and director Grant Singer, where a premature burial is just the start of a dark and tense night.

Dornik "Drive" (Sam Pilling, dir.)

Sam Pilling, director: " wanted the visuals to juxtapose the song so decided to set the video at night and to film it in quite a raw, off the cuff way, rather than a more obvious, smooth approach. Dornik wanted the video to be about having fun, good vibes and a sense of release so we constructed a story that had those upbeat elements but also had a slightly darker undertone too.

Metronomy "Boy Racers" (David Wilson, dir.)

Take the movie Drive. Replace movie heartthrob Ryan Gosling with music video heartthrob Daniel Schienert — aka 1/2 of directing duo Daniels — and lose all the violence so that you can fit in way more sexiness. The result is the very short film Boy Racers, which doubles as both a kinda/sorta Metronomy video and a cautionary tale about self-manipulating men in self-driving cars.

Bret Easton Ellis Writes and Brewer directs Dum Dum Girls "Are You Okay"

Author Bret Easton Ellis seems to have caught the music video bug, but instead of just narrating the action, he's now writing it.

Dum Dum Girls "Are You OK" is more short story and art film, than traditional music video, dispensing narrative for something that starts intriguing and ratchets up the tension to full-on disturbing.

Stick with the 11 minutes runtime — which I know is an eon for an online music video — since otherwise you'll miss out on the slow dance with the straight razor.