Formation "A Friend" (Davis Silis, dir.)

Formation - A Friend (Official Video)

How do we hurt the ones we love? Davis Silis at Bullion directs this visceral and passionate new music video 'A Friend' by South London duo Formation.

From the director:

The song’s lyrics evoke a lot of questions about the nature of friendship, of loneliness, of relationships, and this video just became an extension of those questions. What are the boundaries of friendship and love? Is there a difference? How do we hurt those we love and why do we so often push them away when we need them the most?

So, the idea was to take a familiar trope, the violence of an all-out movie brawl, and use it as a device to pose those questions. The video itself doesn’t provide answers — not because there aren’t any, but because the answers are so deeply personal to those who ask.

Working with fight coordinator Kevin McCurdy, we created one long fight sequence that unfolds on a Victoria Line train in London with actor Isaac Money and Formation’s singer Will Ritson himself, who deserves huge credit for pulling this off despite dislocating his shoulder during one of the very first setups on the day.

Production Company
Independent Representative
Director of Photography
Editing Company
Executive Producer
Jake Flowers, Production Assistant
Wayne Bentley, First Assistant Director
Joe Fitz-Gerald, Art Director
Eira Wyn Jones, First Assistant Camera
Matt Farrant, Second Assistant Camera
Seth Crosby, Gaffer
Josh Green, Electrical
Anna Thompson, Make-up Artist
Cecily Ward (Assistant), Make-up Artist
Kevin McCurdy, Stunt Coordinator
Carla Osterheld, Visual Effects