Glass Animals "Agnes" (Eoin Glaster, dir.)

Glass Animals - Agnes (Official Video)

Glass Animals lead singer Dave Bayley straps himself into a human centrifuge for their latest video Agnes directed by Eoin Glaister.

Eoin Glaister, director“Agnes is, probably, the saddest song Dave will ever write, and so this video required a sensitive approach.  In searching for ways to explore the weight of grief I remembered my grandfather used to perform tests on a human centrifuge, a machine used by pilots for g-force training. There’s a scene in Moonraker where an assassin tries to kill Bond in one. Only Roger Moore faked it. Dave didn’t. Essentially it’s an extremely large bit of kit that spins around very quickly. As it does so it subjects its occupants to increased levels of g-force. The faster you go, the heavier you become. On the day Dave described this feeling as like having an elephant sat on his chest. Whilst I doubt the validity of his reference point, I am really grateful that he threw himself into this so wholeheartedly. It was physically demanding and logistically nightmarish and I’m super grateful to all the excellent people that helped make it happen. It was emotional. Appropriately so."

Production Company
Independent Representative
Director of Photography
Editing Company
Executive Producer
Anthony McHugh, First Assistant Camera
Jack Exton, First Assistant Camera
Toby McKay, Second Assistant Camera
Bailey Marks, First Assistant Director
Jerome Franc, First Assistant Director
Studio Lune, Art Director
Anna Inglis Hall, Hair and Make-up
James Miller, Digital Imaging Tech.