Maejor "OMG" (Francis Wallis, dir.)

Maejor, Ludmilla, BIA - OMG

From the director:


It was evident from the start that this video needed to be shot out in Brazil. The track itself features a big Brazilian star Ludmilla, female US Rapper Bia and of course Maejor whose song it is. Maejor has a strong personal connection with the country following the huge success of “Vai Malandra” (310 million views and counting) and Rio seemed like the perfect place to shoot his next video.


I wanted to avoid the usual favela glamorization whilst also steering away from anything that felt overly sexualized or crass. I’d always been fascinated by the spiritual side of African derived religions in Brazil, religions such as Macumba, Condomble and even Voodoo and wanted to explore these themes in this video. The lyrical content and melody of the track shifts into a trance like state throughout and I knew the visual would lend itself nicely as narrative transition into the darker spiritual world that plays such a key role in this video.  I loved the idea of quickly moving away from the standard rap video preconceptions it alludes to at the start before becoming something very different by the end.


Production Company
Independent Representative
Director of Photography
Editing Company
Executive Producer
Jorge Nasi, Production Designer
Maria Cecilia Guedes, Hair and Make-up
Vodu, Gaffer
Gabriela Katz
, First Assistant Director
Filé, Second Assistant Director
Daniela Tolstoï
, Casting Director
Daniela Tolstoï
, Production Manager
Tom Mangham, Colorist
Roni Rodrigues, Visual Effects
OB Management (Director), Representation
Vodu's Grips, Grip