NEW RELEASE: Feist "1,2,3,4"

Feist 1234 Delightful. Not a word you hear too much in regards to music videos, but one that is very applicable to this new clip for Canadian singer Feist. Yes, she cut her teeth with the indie rock outfit Broken Social Scene but Leslie Feist really traffics in the kind of classic pop that manages to be sparkly, shiny, happy while remaining slyly profound. Director Patrick Daughters rises to the challenge by crafting the perfect video for it: It's a dance extravaganza that starts rather silly simply and then gets amazingly complex — both in terms of choreography and cinematography. If you're the sort who keeps cheat sheets on the best videos of the year, be sure to mark this down for nearly every category except for editing (it was all done in one take) and special effects (all those swirling camera moves were done the good ol' fashioned way). --> watch "1,2,3,4" in Quicktime or Flash

For more details on the video and Feist, definitely check out this Jon Pareles article from The New York Times

Feist "1,2,3,4" (Cherry Tree/Interscope)
Patrick Daughters, director | Geoff McLean, producer | The Directors Bureau, production co | Shawn Kim, DP | Noemie Lafrance, choreographer | image taken from photo by: Dustin Rabin