WATCH IT: The Pretty Reckless "Make Me Wanna Die" (M. Avis/C. Ledoux, dir.)

Before you get snarky about former Gossip Girl starlet Taylor Momsen's segue into the world of rock n' roll, it's worth remembering that lots of same barbs were hurled at Jared Leto, another actor turned rocker, whose band 30 Seconds To Mars is now firmly entrenched as a core commercial alternative hitmaker. What that says about the nature of the music star here in the 21st century — Is it just another stage/screen role best left to professional actors? — is beyond my paygrade. Whatever you say, there's no disguising the fact that Momsen and The Pretty Reckless know how to get attention, and this video's striptease routine through a city of fire is guaranteed to attract some rubbernecking. --> watch "Make Me Wanna Die"

The Pretty Reckless "Make Me Wanna Die" (DAS/Interscope)
Meiert Avis + Chris Ledoux, director | Jeremy Alter + Meriert Avis, producer | Pusher, production co | Labuda Management, rep | Michelle Ann, commissioner