Hurts "Wings" (Dawn Shadforth, dir.)

Hurts - Wings (Official Video)

Dawn Shadforth does it again! Creating another standout performance from the Hurts lads. This comes as the third collaboration from the pairing, following 'Wonderful Life' and 'Lights'.

"From drunken parties, to forlorn, exhausted glimpses, there’s more than just a hint of sad glamour to their new video, which seems to accompany the rise and fall of the track magnificently. There’s even a questioning journalist, yelling, “Who are the real Hurts?’ as they pass by, proving that even the video’s protagonists aren’t too sure of the answer." via DIYMag

Production Company
Independent Representative
Director of Photography
Editing Company
Daniel Gay, Production Assistant
Alex Noble, Stylist
Helena Lyons, Make-up Artist
Tracey Cahoon, Hairdresser
Online: Coffee & TV, Post-production
Kiev Production : Radioaktive, Production Company
Kiev : Darko Skulsky, Executive Producer
Kate Galytska, Line Producer
Kristina Ilyina, Production Manager
Anna Buryachkova, First Assistant Director
Vadim Yuzba, Production Assistant
Emil Shkulskiy, Production Assistant
Vladimir Radlinskiy, Production Designer