Dead! "Up For Ran$om (Directors Cut)" (Lewis Cater, dir.)

Dead! - Up For Ran$om (Directors Cut)

The video for Up For Ran$om takes the aggressive and fast moving vibe of the track and juxtapositiones it against a simple, suave, classic and romantic performance. A sense of nostalgia with a modern bite. As a kid I would always watch the show Top of the Pops every Friday on BBC1. As that show no longer exists, I thought why not bring it back.

We shot the video on an old 3 tube Ikegami, a camera that was actually used on Top of the Pops. I also called upon operator; Dicky Howelett - a TOTP veteran himself to help achieve an authentic and nostalgic look. 

Production Company
Director of Photography
Executive Producer
Dicky Howett, Camera Operator
Kerry Green, First Assistant Director
Jim Horsfield, Digital Imaging Tech.
James Shaw, Lighting Technician
Camil Liberto, Gaffer
Will Horwel, Lighting Technician
Stuart Mansell, Lighting Technician
Felix Coles, Production Designer
Luis San Martin, Art Director
Ross Davidson, Props Master
Zoey Olechnowicz, Make-up Artist