Tom Misch "Water Baby" (Georgia Hudson, dir.)

Tom Misch - Water Baby (feat. Loyle Carner) [Official Video]

"Water Baby" by Tom Misch ft. Loyle Carner, Directed by Georgia Hudson is a picturesque piece with blissful choreography captured on the icy sheets of a frozen lake, featuring Tom Misch's effortlessly cool vocals to match the frigid surroundings.


I thought that Water Baby needed to be something poetic and subtly surreal that gave time to the lyrics and felt like a good flowing piece of liquid like restraint.  The track has that simplicity, it also has a proper classic groove to it, so I wanted to go in with some old school, simple, stripped back dancing to match - I could see the video immediately when I heard it, that first shot of a person dancing from a frozen sky, lucidly tripping at moonligh - I’m a sucker for a beautiful image. We shot this between twin souls, Peckham and Ukraine, with an incredibly resourceful crew who really managed to push what we had to achieve the most. Luke Moran Morris on Art, did a whole load of really charming fish tank tests to interrogate how effectively, and affordably, we could create a frozen lake to film Tom underneaath. Reason being  Ukraine was -10C and that’s literally a nightmare to do for real, although I have to say I’m not sure how pleasant it was for Tom anyway!   On Camera we had Ben Fordesman who brought an apt sensitivity and richness to every moment of the image, he has a level of craft that reads effortlessly... I guess the real touch in a DP for me is when there’s enough space left on either side of the logistics or the technical to get an image holding a feeling, that’s what’s special with his work. Big love to Hayley, Freddy and Emma, my producers who got this off the ground and up into the highest bit of the sky, it was no mean feat... but it was really fun!  Thanks to Stitch for the edit and the Mill for polishing it off so subtly.  Thanks to everyone who did us a favour, because there where quite a few...  

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