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Best Music Videos of April 2013

Just in case you're new around here:

  1. If it was covered on Video Static during April, it was considered for this list. Same will be true for anything we cover in May, regardless of when the video was released.
  2. We are Genre Agnostic. The fact so much of April's list is Dance is either a coincidence, or a sign that we are fully into another disco age. But, Genre does play a part, since as the Rules state: A great pop video does not make a great alternative video does not make a great rap video.
  3. No. The list of this month's best music videos is not presented in any specific "best to least best" order. #1 is not necessarily the best, or my favorite. Case in point, that Haerts video which comes last here is one of my personal faves, but it has a nice uplift that makes it feel like the perfect closer. Think of it like a mixtape.
  4. The playlist is hosted via YouTube, which means the totally fantastic, yet totally NSFW Is Tropical video couldn't be included. As a make good, I listed it first.
  5. And remember: This is all very subjective.
  6. Click the individual links below for credits, write-ups nd other good stuff. Or just watch the embedded playlist:

Got it?

The Best Music Videos Of April 2013

  1. Is Tropical "Dancing Anymore [NSFW]" (Megaforce, dir.)
  2. Azealia Banks "Yung Rapunxel" (Jam Sutton, dir.)
  3. Cold Mailman "My Recurring Dream" (Andre Chocron, dir.)
  4. David Guetta "Play Hard" (Andreas Nilsson, dir.)
  5. Capital Cities "Safe And Sound" (Grady Hall, dir.)
  6. will.i.am f/ Justin Bieber "That Power" (Ben Mor, dir.)
  7. Empire Of The Sun "Alive" (JD Dillard, dir.)
  8. Basement Jaxx "Back 2 The Wild" (Mat Maitland & Natalia Stuyk, dir.)
  9. Russ Chimes "Turn Me Out" (Mathy & Fran, dir.)
  10. I/O "Wasted My Time" (BRTHR, dir.)
  11. James Blake "Overgrown" (NABIL, dir.)
  12. J-Cole "Power Trip" (Mike Piscitelli, dir.) [NSFW]
  13. MS MR "Hurricane" (Luke Gilford, dir.)
  14. Bonobo "First Fires" (Young Replicant, dir.)
  15. Two Door Cinema Club "Handshake" (Sam Pilling, dir.)
  16. Macklemore & Ryan Lewis "Can't Hold Us" (Augustavo/Koenig/Lewis, dir.)
  17. Psy "Gentleman" (Psy, dir.)
  18. Chris Brown "Fine China" (Sylvain White + Chris Brown, dir.)
  19. Big Black Delta "Side Of The Road" (Warren Kommers, dir.)
  20. 30 Seconds To Mars "Up In The Air" (Bartholomew Cubbins, dir.)
  21. Laura Mvula "That's Alright" (Wendy Morgan, dir.)
  22. Ace Reporter "Untouched And Arrived" (Elliott Sellers, dir.)
  23. Haerts "Wings" (Emily Kai Bock, dir.)

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