WATCH IT: Jake Bugg "Two Fingers" (Jamie Thraves, dir.)

It's been a while since we've seen a promo — as they say over in the UK —  from Jamie Thraves, who directed the Radiohead classic "Just" and Coldplay "Scientist" both of which trigger huge emotions on a grand scale. This clip for "Two Fingers" — the UK equivalent of The Finger —  is something different and smaller, yet just as successful as it effortlessly captures newcomer Jake Bugg leaving his messed-up home in Nottingham for a shot at stardom.

WATCH IT: Robbie Williams "Candy" (Joseph Kahn, dir.)

Robbie Williams goes above and beyond a the Guardian Angel for a beautiful woman. He gets in the line of all sorts of fire (including literal fire), taking shots and doing what it takes to remove any sign of potential danger. It's all very honorable — and the FX are crazy elaborate — but what else is to be expected from a UNICEF ambassador?  --> watch "Candy"

WATCH IT: Dr. Dre f/ Eminem "I Need A Doctor" (Allen Hughes, dir.)

When a man drives a Ferrari to a cliff in order to contemplate their life and potentially ending it, chances are he's going to drive away. Unfortunately for Dr. Dre, he's so haunted by memories — from N.W.A. to solo success to discovering Eminem to his own family matters — he loses control of the steering wheel and winds up at death's door. With that as the backstory, perhaps to explain his multiple year absence from making music, director Allen Hughes (Menace II Society, The Book Of Eli) delivers a rehabilitation story, with Eminem giving a pep talk to get Dre re-animated. Finally with about a minute or so left, Dre finally heeds the call and shifts into gear, getting up and back on the mic.

WATCH IT: Craig Wedren "Are We" panoramic video (Tim Nackashi, dir.)

Director Tim Nackashi creates an pretty amazing interactive 360 degree panoramic environment where you can click and drag all around to follow a sci-fi story. Keep an eye out for Craig Wedren, who you hopefully remember from the classic band Shudder To Think. --> watch/explore "Are We" (There is a flattened-out version too, but go for the panoramic one)

IN DEPTH: Maroon 5 "Never Gonna Leave This Bed" (Tim Nackashi, dir.)

I guess when a rock star is dating a Victoria's Secret model, there's no sense looking any further when it comes time to cast for their music videos. Anne Vyalitsyna follows up her featured role in Maroon 5's "Misery" with "Never Gonna Leave This Bed," which finds her never leaving singer/boyfriend Adam Levine's bed, no matter where it is. --> watch "Never Gonna Leave This Bed"

WATCH IT: Modest Mouse "Fly Trapped In A Jar" (Saline Project, dir.)

This candy-colored and frenetically insane performance video took a long time to get officially released — an early version of the video was leaked, then pulled, then shitcanned for a couple years, but then reworked and now released with the full blessing of Modest Mouse (and their label). The final video a day-glo vibe and cuteness that would fit in with kiddy programming, if not for the hopping mad Isaac Brock character that leads the alien band. --> watch "Fly Trapped In A Jar (An Alien Musical)"