Chromeo "Old 45s" (Dugan O’Neal, dir.)

Chromeo — Old 45's (Official Video)

Screw the usual highway reststop. Here's how it works in a music video:

  • Every woman who stops at a roadside bar is unspeakably hot.
  • The bar itself is just the right mix of vibey and dangerous.
  • The jukebox is spot-on (duh)
  • The singer can rock a pair of trousers like nobody's business
  • Choreographer dance routines will break out
  • The bartender will work his bottle like nobody's business
  • There will be cameos (Haim, Jon "Napoleon Dynamite" Heder)
  • And Napoleon Dynamite will, of course, walk off with the girl

Got it?

Production Company
Director of Photography
Craig Eisenberg, First Assistant Director
Morgan Gillio, Production Designer
SSENSE, Stylist
Georgina Hamed, Lexie Partridge, Hair and Make-up
Ryan Heffington, Choreographer